Baby Lips by Maybelline

Baby Lips by Maybelline

Product Type: Lip Gloss

Product Name: Baby Lips by Maybelline

Purpose: Long-term hydration for visibly renewed lips in 4 weeks

The Verdict: Love ****

Summary: I can’t say enough about how much I love Baby Lips from Maybelline! It’s thin yet moisturizing and much different than of a lot of those waxy type lip balms. There is an unscented and peppermint version with no pigment. Those are my favs. However, I also like the tinted ones like Cherry Me, Grape Vine & Peach Kiss. They provide just a hint of color and smell oh sooooo good.

Quick and Dirty:


  • SPF 20
  • Available in drug stores & very reasonably priced
  • Similar to a high end brand that charges about 3 to 4x as much


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