About Kristin Malia

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in Southern California, Kristin Malia has always been ambitious, outgoing and adventurous. She learned how to swim before she could walk, played almost every team sport and has made more than 150 solo skydives. You might say adventure is in her blood—with a legacy of aviators in her family tree, including her famous grandfather, Hawaiian Airlines aviation pioneer Bertram James Hogg, after whom the Maui OGG airport moniker has been credited.

Kristin earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism from California State University Northridge.  During her senior year, she started an internship at E! Entertainment Television and within three years made an unparalleled leap to Show Producer. Albeit, Kristin had a passion for producing and was widely respected by her peers at her craft, Kristin’s unique look, charismatic personality and ability to connect with millions of broadcast viewers, resulted in a rare transition of managing from behind the camera to staring as on-camera talent.

After a successful career in broadcast journalism, Kristin’s pioneering spirit, entrepreneurial mind and interest in performance-based marketing (as a result of hosting several infomercials), helped develop Kristin from an entertainment reporter to marketeer.  As a marketeer, Kristin has become a master of online, on social, on mobile, on radio and on TV marketing and possesses the unique ability to influence consumer behavior, build brands, and foster long-term engagement with her customer’s customers.