About Kristin Malia

KRISTIN-MALIABorn in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in Southern California, Kristin Malia has always been ambitious, outgoing and adventurous. She learned how to swim before she could walk, has played almost every team sport and has over 150 solo skydives. You might say adventure is in her blood—with a legacy of aviators in her family tree, including her famous grandfather, Hawaiian Airlines aviation pioneer Bertram James Hogg, after whom the Maui OGG airport moniker has been credited. Watch his video here. Kristin was raised in Southern California and earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Cal State Northridge.  During her senior year, she started an internship at E! Entertainment Television and within three years advanced from Production Assistant to Associate Producer and ultimately to Show Producer. Kristin’s transition to on-camera talent is quite remarkable in the television industry because she had already earned a strong reputation as a writer/producer who just happened to have the charisma and ability—and the look—to connect on-camera with millions of broadcast viewers. For nearly a decade, Kristin’s knack for writing and producing stories was a perfect fit for her glamorous style and unparalleled sense of adventure. With a mic in hand and the cameras rolling, Kristin engaged countless celebrities on the red carpet and had unparalleled broadcast access to the private lives of A-lister celebrities as well as their homes. After working full-time for close to a decade on-camera and as a writer/producer, Kristin felt it was time to make some changes, so she continued to work on special projects for E! in addition to other networks. While freelancing in the entertainment industry, Kristin found herself enthralled with the inner workings of the business world and soon parlayed her experience, extensive contacts and well-honed people skills into a variety of consulting projects for many marketing, advertising and technology start-ups.  Fueled by her passion for learning new things and her sense of adventure, Kristin has recently found herself at new altitudes in the business world and sees no turning back.